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Jason David is the founder and CEO of Nexus Automation and Control Systems (ACS). He brings over 15 years of experience in designing and building complex electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic systems that support his customers’ industrial automation and control system needs. 

Jason’s professional career began in the US Air Force where he performed aircraft maintenance on the B1-B bomber and the F-16 fighter aircraft ejection systems and as a degreed training instructor. After leaving active duty service and returning to Louisiana, he continued serving his country through the Air Force Reserves as an Occupational Safety Craftsman and on special assignment to the Pentagon until his retirement in 2019. Jason is proud of leaving his mark on the military with over 20 years of combined service and numerous medals and awards to his name.

It was during Jason’s time in the reserves that he found a new passion in industrial automation and SCADA systems while working on oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. Jason’s professionalism and dedication to his career propelled him over the next 15 years through many roles, ranging from systems integrator, project manager, engineering manager, and ultimately, the role of business owner.


Since the inception of Nexus in 2016, Jason has made it his mission to create meaningful relationships with customers, vendors, and teammates alike. In addition to helping his own customers, Jason has helped industry peers as well solve problems for their customers through collaboration. His trustworthiness and strong ethical principles continue to prove that nice guys CAN finish first!


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