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Our team at Nexus has nearly 100 years of combined technical experience and we continue to grow our customer base year after year, both locally and internationally, by solving the most challenging applications through efficient and effective solutions with the use of automation, industrial control systems, robotics, and vision systems.

The staff at Nexus includes technicians, project managers, and those with electrical, mechanical, and computer hardware engineering disciplines. From start to finish, our team is involved in the design and manufacturing to provide assurance that the system is safe, functional, efficient, and capable of exceeding our customers’ expectations.


Our technicians are in charge of: 

  • building industrial control panels per UL 508A

  • building hydraulic control and power units

  • commissioning instrumentation systems in the field

  • servicing and installing electrical/pneumatic/hydraulic system components

  • installing low to high pressure tubing for hydraulic applications

Our electrical engineering team designs control panels for a wide range of applications ranging from wastewater pump controls to advanced PLC panels with hundreds of IO points. As a full-service company, this team performs all schematic drawings, creates the bill of material, design approvals, project management, PLC/HMI programming, and quality control functions. Whether the customer wants a non-certified panel or a hazardous location system with international certification to ATEX, IECEx, etc., they have you covered.

Our mechanical engineers see to it that all equipment is built with proper function and safety in mind. The attention to detail that goes into every project not only ensures proper operation but also ensures that only quality products are utilized. They select equipment that is appropriate for form, fit, and function while also keeping serviceability in mind. Finite element analysis, motion studies, and 3D modeling by this talented team allows us to reduce wasted time and resources by ensuring all stakeholders are in agreement prior to production.

Our engineering teams perform a great deal of our R&D to evaluate new products, test and evaluate the proper implementation of computer/machine vision systems, and prototype customer inventions with machined and/or production of 3D printed parts.


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